Jaykoe’s work explores globalisation through its accelerated impact on city space. Operating at the intersection of urbanisation, postcolonialism and interculturalism, urban-spatial movements are sampled and traced within densely populated and expanding cities.

Areas of research are mapped out across the metropolis, shifting contours that fluctuate over the gridlines of the city like the movements of Parkour, probing the structures of the centres we build up, the forms they take and questioning what they reveal about us.

Drawing is the foundation of the work, overlaid with an approach to each project that actively combines and assimilates new materials and techniques in experimental forms. This interdisciplinary approach ranges through drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, neon, performance, books and other works on paper.

The legacy of colonialism and imperialism shaped the multicultural city of London where the artist was born. Being of Irish heritage influenced a critical position on the actions of the state.

Enquiries into movements of cultural resistance are layered with a background as a sound-system DJ. This resonates throughout the work, formally with the application of the techniques used in audio sampling to visual material and conceptually with pirate radio as a metaphor for the notion of networked performances across global cities, all with the potential to construct spaces of positive interaction between different groups and cultures.